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A Brief History Of KPC

Kashechewan Power Corporation is dedicated to serving the Kashechewan community, providing efficient and reliable power.

Situated in a remote area of Northeastern Ontario, on the northern shore of the Albany River, the community originated as one of the oldest Hudson’s Bay Company trading posts. As a primarily fly-in community located approximately 150 miles north of Moosonee, reliable power has historically been a challenge. Since 2001, Five Nations Energy Inc.’s Omushkego Ishkotayo Project has connected Hydro One’s facilities in Moosonee to a substation in Kashechewan, allowing Kashechewan Power Corporation to deliver efficient and safe power to customers.

Outage Nov 12 2023 8-11am

A little history...

Kashechewan First Nation is one of two communities that were established from Old Fort Albany (now the Fort Albany 67 Indian Reserve) in the 1950s.

Our Community

Kashechewan is under the Albany Band #67 which share with the nearest community, Fort Albany First Nation. Our community has a population of approximately 1900 members. 

Did you know...

Kashechewan original name is “Keesheechewan” which means “Fast flowing river” the name Kashechewan originated from a misprint and has no Cree meaning in our language.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer several methods to pay your bill in a convenient way.

Our Energy Partners

Five Nations Energy
Conservation on the Coast
Fort Albany Power
Attawapiskat Power
Attawapiskat Power

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Kashechewan Power Corporation is dedicated to serving the community by providing efficient and reliable power.

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